Monday, 1 August 2016

Never say never again….. and an unshakeable Kingdom.

12 years ago I resigned my job as a social worker.  I remember the day I pulled close my office door for the last time and took off the board with my name on.  In my mind I said “Never, ever again…” I was burnt out, bored out of my mind and disillusioned with all the supposedly wonderful theories and tools I was supposed to have after 7 years of study and 14 years of experience as a counsellor.  People does not really change, are not really helped and healed nor come to a point of maturity, I thought.
Well somehow God seemed to have different plans for my “Never, ever again…” He embarked with me on a different journey, a journey of finding Him in so many different ways. I got to know Jesus as my saviour, the one who died and was resurrected, who traded His life for my sin in a whole new way.  He revealed himself to me as my Bridegroom and is still teaching me how to walk in intimacy with him.  In the last 4 years He increasingly showed me his character, his nature, the “how” He is.  He revealed himself to me as the Prophet, Servant, Teacher, Exhorter, Giver, Ruler and Mercy God.  He showed me that the fullness of who He is, is in me.  He showed me who He is in others, in His body on earth.  He showed me that people can heal, can be delivered and can grow into maturity – when He does it, with His tools.  The tools in the world’s manuals is just is not as effective and successful as the tools of the Master Creator of mankind.
Towards the end of last year He gave me a word which I posted on the blog.  It was titled “Two mountains and an unshakeable Kingdom”.  I think if I knew just how difficult and painful the shaking would be I would probably have hidden that word far away hoping I heard wrong... but I apparently did hear the Holy Spirit and I am thankful that I was warned that the shaking will come, and that it would be from God himself.  The first half of this year had been one of the most difficult and painful times for me in a looong time…

While all this was happening, I felt the unction in my spirit to get the paperwork ready in order to re-register as a social worker.  I thoroughly ignored this initially.  Thought I would wait until the feeling go away…. Well it did not go away and eventually I applied for restoration of my professional registration.  On Wednesday 20 July I received the certificate of registration, this time from the Association of Christian Counsellors.    I was deeply relieved.  Someone once said that if one door closes – stand in the hallway and praise God until the next door opens.  I don’t think I did a very good job at praising Him while waiting in the hallway and yet in His grace he opened another door.  I am not sure where this door will lead to – not yet – I cannot see the destination yet.  What I do know is “Never say never again…” Someone said to me this past weekend “God never wastes a qualification” wise and true words it seems…   
Nothing much will change in practice in “Free2celebrate – land" the only change is that
“Free 2 celebrate” now stands on the "earthly" platform of “Christian Counselling” probably where it should have been from the beginning… Far more profound than earthly papers and qualifications  though - it stands on The Rock - Jesus - and the Mountain of the fear of the Lord in His Unshakeable Kingdom. 

Thank you Lord for your wisdom and guidance… Ebenhaeser… Until here you have helped us… so you will be with us from here forward…

© Author Gerda Venter 2016

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